Super Mario 64 is a 1996 platform game for the Nintendo 64. It was the lauch title for said console. It became one of the most revolutionary titles of the 64-bit era, as it brought 3-D gaming to a whole new level.

Easter EggsEdit

Secret Areas

  • The Mysterious Mountainside: At the beginning of Tall, Tall Mountain, there is a secret area where you warp to the first monkey. When you start the level, run to the left, away from the regular path. Press C-Left once to shift the camera to the left. There will be a corner jutting towards you. The dark portion that meets the flat mountainside is the place that you crawl on. Run down the beach. Just before you touch the water, long jump towards the corner. If you hit it just correctly, Mario will go through the wall. Swim carefully, then swivel the camera around so you can see Mario swimming in a small pool inside the mountain. Swim over to the corner of the pool. Mario needs to be parallel to the pool's fountain. Position yourself, then swim off that corner. If you do it right, Mario will fly up to the pool where the first monkey is. Swim out and jump onto land.

Waiting Easter Eggs

  • Mario Falls Asleep: If you leave Mario standing for about one minute, he says "I'm-a tired," and sits down, asleep. If you wait longer, he starts to lie down, fast asleep. He then starts to talk while he's asleep.


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